Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Change facebook PAge Name 2014 Trick

1.) First Open YourFacebook
PageThat's Name You Want To
2.) Now Go ToSetting PageAnd Open
"Page Info" Tab.
3.) Here Click "Edit" In Front Of
4.) Now Here You Will See No Option
To "Request Change". But Don't
Worry. Move Ahead. 5.)
NowLogoutYour Facebook Account.
6.) Now Open " ZenMate For Google
Chrome" Extension On Chrome
Extension Store.
7.) Now Click On "+ Free" Blue
Button To Install It.
8.) After This, Click On "Add" While
It Want Confirmation Before
9.) Now Wait For Few Sec Then It
Will Automatically Open ANew
TabFrom Official Site.
10.) Here Add YourEMail AddressAnd
Click "Get Secured Now".
11.) After Waiting Some Sec, There
Will Be A New Page Where They Will
Automatically Generated A
RandomPasswordFor You. You Can
Also Change It Now Or Later.
12.) Now There Will Be A POPUP Of
Confirmation. Click On "Got it!" Now
This Page Will Be Closed
13.) Here You Will Be Back ToChrome
Extension Page.
14.) Now Click On TheGreen Color
ZenMate IconIn Browser Extension
15.) Here You Will See That You Are
Protected But WithDifferent Country.
16.) Click On TheMiddle CountryAnd
There Will Be A List Of More
Different Country.
17.) Now Choose "New York, United
State" And Then You Will Be Back
On Previous Tab.
18.) Restart Your Chrome Browser.
19.) Now Again Open
Note: This Time, You Have To Check
That Your "ZenMate For Google
Chrome" Extension Must Be Active
And Showing Green Icon In The
Place Of Extension In Front Of
Address Bar.
20.) Go To YourFacebook PageThat's
Name You Want To Change.
21.) Now Go ToSettingPage And
Open "Page Info" Tab.
22.) Here Click "Edit" In Front Of
23.) Now Here You Will See The
Option To "Request Change". 24.)
Click On The Option To "Request
Change" And You Will Be Redirected
To A New Page.
25.) Now This Page Will BeFacebook
Contact Form.
26.) HereFill Your DataAnd Describe
Why You Have To Change Your Page
27.) Give Solid Reason With
SomeOriginal Proof.
28.) Now After Filling And
Submitting The Form, Logout From
Facebook And Close The Browser.
29.) Restart Your Browser And
Remove The Extension From Browser
Extension Tab.(If You Don't Want It)
30.) Now Wait For Few Days And
Then You Will Receive
TheConfirmation EmailFrom
Facebook. Then Enjoy.

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